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Team Name: Trickbag Games

Game Title:

Villainous Luck

By Brandon Wirtz & Katie Wirtz

Synopsis: Cast as the villain you must fight, and loot your way to your rightful position as ruler! Eliminate your enemies or just eat all the forking chicken in the place. Explore and find new loot or buy items with your stolen hard earned coins.

*There is no chicken and we are not responsible for the actions of individuals who were expecting such chickens.

Looting: Find that maligned demon sword with the power of a thousand flaming forest rodents or just a dull blade. A flip of lady luck's coin and your dreams can come true...or be horribly burnt to barbecue. You never know! But who doesn't love barbecue?!

Fighting: Stick em with the pointy end or slash em with the...slashy end. We have included the best combat technology we could afford to produce on the sore back of one lightly sleep deprived man in his twenties. 

Leveling: As you collect new weapons your current weapon of that type will be upgraded to the next level of damage!<insert witty comment>


WASD for movement

Mouse to move the camera

Left mouse button to attack

Right mouse button to block

E to interact with objects

Press the "1" key to use a potion

Press the "2" key to equip a sword if acquired

Press the "3" key to equip two swords if acquired

Press the "4" key to equip a sword and shield if acquired

Press the "Escape" key to pause the game

Unreal Marketplace Assets Used:

Character Art/Animation/Environment Art:

Modular RPG Heroes Polyart

POLYGON Adventure Pack

Platformer Starter Pack

Sound Fx:

Footstep and Foley Sounds

Weapon Master

Sound Pack for RPG Games

Particle Fx:

Advanced Magic FX 13


Casual Kingdom World Sounds: Soundtracks and Stingers


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TrickbagGames_Villainous Luck.zip 173 MB
Version 16


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I just notice comment on the chat, i didn't skipped your game, i remember playing it :) It was one of last entries i played.. i might incidentally skipped it, but i got it at the end because numbers need to match so i check the all entry list for missed entries that tent to disappear from submission feed

Yeah. I went back and watched the stream and saw that you played it. Thanks for using so much of your time to play all those games.

I appreciate you posting here to let me know.

This was a fun little game! Seemed to fit the jam theme well. Kudos!